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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"

this game is amazing

i love the art work and the fact that it plays smoothly with so much goin on...the only downfall is that i suck at the game but that has nuthin to do with u!!...great job!!


I also like the quote of the thief "its mine" so funny

Really good.

Great game, congratulation :), but the monsters pictures are necesary to the emotion, is the only problem, maybe you can a Knigthfall 3.

an amazing second installment

i LOVED the first knightfall... i played the endless dungeon up to around stage 300 something and exp level somewhere in the 50's. been a while since i played it.

i'm very impressed by the improvements you made. the magic system fills nicely and not too slowly.. i definitely like it over using the scrolls in the first game. the accessories are great too. they add just enough to the game so it doesn't remain just a puzzle game.

the addition of being able to destroy blocks less than 3 is great and and the consequence of losing 5 AP for destroying 1 feels right.

i honestly don't know what to say to improve or add upon the game. i had a great time with the story mode.. loved all the new enemies and the bossfights.

incredible game megadev... can't wait to see a 3rd installment.


Make the game longer, more enemies, more options, better story and character pictures while talking in storyline and you can sell it for nice money as a retail full game for PC and consoles, not only as a flash game on web sites