Reviews for "Knightfall 2"

Totally original!

It's amazing that nobody can come up with games with a unique twist on gameplay. This is one of the most addicting puzzle games I've played! I've been on for an hour, and I still don't want to play my Xbox 360. I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up on Xbox Arcade! I love how you have sort of a move limit, but enough room for some one block moves. It's easy to understand, and (once I figured out how to kill monsters) has a bit of action. Killing the monsters aren't always important, but I like how you can take a turn doing so. Keep up the good work!


The game is hard a bit, but it's really something that can kill time! Keep up the good work!

God Game !

This Puzzle Game its very fun !


even though i didn't get any medals.

i like this one more than the first one for sure.

Oh my god!

I played Knightfall 1 and absolutely loved it. The game play style is so unique and fun to play with. Knightfall 2 really enhanced that. This is now one of my favorite flash games of all time.

But there are still some things done wrong in the game.
-Items like rings and crystals take up space in your inventory. Usually you would were these items to keep them from taking up vital inventory space.

-The inability to sell items you do not want also kinda sucks.

-Lastly, not being able to go back to previously entered places kinda sucks also. I would enjoy going back to the first stage after completing the game just so I can see how powerful I have gotten in the game.

Fix these issue and the next installment (If there will be one) will be perfect.