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Space rocket

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A quickie loop done during a weekend. I had planned to do it on a single day but got, but I ended adding a bit more of detail.
Song is "The moon" from the Ducktales Nes game, a long time favorite of mine.

If anyone knows a method to loop correctly, please tell me D: (I'm using gotoAndPlay, but I keep getting this small lags even if jumpin directly where I want to)

Update: Fixed the loop! Thanks a lots for the tips to everyone! None did actually work, though it got me to experiment and finally hit a method. My sound was ok, but apparently the problem was with the gotoAndPlay to a frame with a streaming music, it automatically made flash lag for a moment... so I had to find a way to avoid using gotoAndPlay. I still used it to resync the music after a while as it desyncs with some loops. I now need to fix the Look into the sky one.
Also, thanks for the frontpage and positive feedback =D The next flash will have more time invested in it.

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Nifty and artistic

Another good entry we have here, and its always a pleasure to find some interesting and appealing submissions like this, allthough some do need more effort, but still nice to find,a nd with this one I can tell the effort was done just needs a tad more effort on some areas, You have certainly made this entry interesting and Enticing so nice start here. Wow I must say this was pretty impressive it was very artistic with the colors and fun music, some extra effects wouldnt hurt but it was still pretty good. And with everything just said I certainly found this to be interesting, entertaining and some allurring visuals so nice efforts there, it was even pleasent, So thats tells me you did a pretty good job on this piece, but anyways I was pleased with the outcome of it all, and hope to see more like this with even more effort aswell, anyways good luck.

As Advised here are a few things tips and suggestions that could make it better for all, maybe just adding a few extra special effects would be a huge plus here so just some things to think about.