Reviews for "Space rocket"


oh the memories of the days when I'd sit playing a gameboy till my fingers bled. Now i bleed on a keyboard. but its the same prinicple. GAMES GAMES GAMES FOREVER!!!!!!


I fucking love 8-bit music, it brings me back so many good memories from my chilhood, ahh the good ol'days, nice feeling with this flash!!!

i can dig it

i really like the effects you used.

i haven't played Ducktales in a long long time

btw, for the loop, you could have just put it in a movieclip (those dont require to be looped) and in a sense, the animation could have been in 2 frames


Ducktales music, lol.


After the millions of times I have watched this kick ass animation, i just realised it's a girl riding the rocket!! I thought it was a red dinosaur riding in the rocket with a big joy stick in front of it.

That's just the way my brain works, i always see different things.