Reviews for "Space rocket"

Hmm not bad.

I liked the nintendo-y-ness of the whole thing (^___^)

yay pixels!

yeah i liked it and i like pixels but next time your making a loop flash please write a little notcie or w/e cause i watched it like 4 times till i got it X_X

any way great job 5/5

pretty good

though i wish there was more to iy

It's somehow addictive!

I love the Nostalgia theme.
I don't understand why people are paying this out?
He said he planned to make it in a day, so why are you comparing to people who take months?
And if you look closely, and have ever tried to make a flash animation yourself, you will see the level of detail he has put in.

Nostalgia at its prime

Although this is just a loop animation, It's still a perfect 10 to me. Rembering the tune from this NES classic and seeing this animation reminded me how EPIC games have become! awesome work! :D