Reviews for "Space rocket"

Deserved to pass the portal !

Great animation
Great Sounds
I love listening to the song while doing other stuff. ~ relaxing music ~

That's what flash is all about

Seriously, taking a simple concept, the tools you have and coming with an original idea; this is simple, straight to the point and if you could make it into a screensaver, I'd download it and install it without hesitating a moment!

You're God, Celarent!!!

Ooooo man!!! I love your work SOOOOO MUCHHH!!!!! I've said that before in another review, but you certainly are my favourite NG artist!!!! You're space-themed flashs are AMAZING!! After all, a night would be nothing without stars and a moon ;).

Thank you for being so awesomess.

Yours sincerely,

aptly named

a really great short! I used to play the ducktales game too, and never realized how great the music in the game was. Good job!


well its great and i like the style of it. the loop was kinda annoying but oh well
keep it up!