Reviews for "Space rocket"

Really awesome.

I still come back to watch this, even months(?) after it was released.

9/10 because I think you coulda done more with the background, but that's a personal thing.

Really, really awesome.

Pretty nice

I don't see too many great sprite movies nowadays but that was terrific.
But I feel that the movie is somewhat cutoff so it should be longer really.
But still, fantastic sprite animation.


I always loved the background song, and it goes perfectly with the movie. Great work!


The music reminds me of the good old days of the game Disney World for the NES or the Supernintendo(cant remember which it was on) but it was awsome to hear it! Good Job and i hope you do more 8-Bit based songs!

Mabey Mario??

Heh just a suggestion!

Does it ever stop? lol

this is thhe first video ive seen that never ends very nice but gets old after a while