Reviews for "Space rocket"

This is art.

I enjoyed this. I like the way you start it. I like the visuals and the music. It's a unique loop. And it is certainly visual art. It gets boring by the second round, but that's just me. Good job.

THAT WAS.......................

Hey whats up whit that STRING O_o but i don't like it!!! +2 points for string :3


to repetitive... oh wait its a loop. loved the song (sorta)

Waste of time.

I think this was pretty well done for a two day project, but nonetheless the music was somewhat annoying; there was no plot or story, and in my opinion it was quite boring.

Nice and original

To get a perfect loop that slowly goes out of synch after like 10 loops is to set the sound to START and to 99999 lops or something, instead of stream