Reviews for "Space rocket"

So retro

I am going through every movie from the video "Everything by Everyone"
and saying on each one how good they really are and how they made newgrounds
what it is today. Keep up the good work!! I think i already said this on "Future" but oh well!


just me and my opinion....

normally i despise 8-bit songs but after you put it with this little work of art i think you opened my eyes on 8-bit styled music forever, favorited enough said 15/15


At first, I wanted to vote this 0 and write a review with a score of 0.

But when I stayed for a bit longer, this movie had nice designs and the graphics were beautiful.


It was repetitive, though, but I bet your next submission would be even better! :)


I nearly cried, not really. =P
Still epic though.

yes I remember it now!

8-bit, yeah, good memories