3000 AD

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Mech warriors, rejoice! A mech game with a retro style that features fantastic power and game-play!


Quite enjoyable

It would have been useful to know in advance that my weapons shoot only as far as the mouse pointer, not just in that direction... Had to learn it the hard way :)
Also, the status bar disappearing when I'm pointing at the top of the screen was annoying.
And my mech was nearly always too slow to sidestep enemy fire... But maybe it isn't supposed too.
Otherwise, the variety of enemies as well as mech upgrades is rather impressive, adding to the gameplay which is simple but fun. Maybe an option to switch weapons would be nice... in 3001 AD? :)

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bit borring

meh it gets borring after a bit

Out Standing!

Mechasault is an insult to BT'ers everywhere. Its an arcade game. This is like mechassault, only arcade style on flash. Nicely done!

As for costomability, Great for your first BT game.

Terrain, bases, bombers, tanks.... wow! Good job.

Teleporters, weird boss mech and boss chronies, im sketchy on that.

Possibly add in more mechs.... Light mechs are faster and carry less, assault, opposite. It balances the game out alot. That is, if you make a 3001 AD game lol

Great job, keep em coming.

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pro: great replay value and fun factor

con: very simple. plays like a free-trial demo for a much more complicated full game. could use more mech types and descriptions for the weapons.


Now, I've been playing MW since it was first released (yes, I'm that old), but I never thought I'd see anybody with the guts to make a flash game. I've played it several time already, and I will vouch for the replay value.

To all the new guys: Remember the five rules of guncraft (look it up), and cover works both ways.

To the veterans: Cleanse, purge, kill. 'Nuff said.

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4.17 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2008
7:49 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional