Reviews for "3000 AD"

Bland just got more bland.

First, I have to say, in all honesty - I didn't play the original mech warriors, nor the newer ones, but I AM a fan of random "giant robot" games ... if you like to call them Mechs to sound cool ... that's fine by me. Also, I have one of the most eclectic tastes in video games out of the many people I have met in my life. Additionally, some of my opinion was based off of things I read in other reviews, like "way too easy", "every level looked the same", etc. Onto my review!

This game sucked. First problem was ... the starting location. The second problem was, after I killed the first enemy, I realized I was playing something INCREDIBLY similar to a different cool robot flash game that I had played. The difference? That game had good graphics, decent music, and didn't make me cringe after 15 seconds of game play. The graphics... OH! the graphics... did you take them from some old mech warrior game I didn't play? Or do you just love the shitty Sega Genesis look? It's not even SNES, it's sega fucking genesis style. I love me some pixelated bushs. Is that a wall? or water? Guess I'll run into it to find out.

Now that I got all the bad stuff out of the way ... the bright side (still pretty dark tho). It seems like the maker took pride in what he did and that is respectable in its own way. Every person can't love every thing. Having more buttons than just shoot and switch weapon is always cool. Allows for this weird thing people call Skill. Most importantly, I think that if the maker of this game sat down to do it - they could probably pull off something that works for a MUCH larger range of people, myself included. It seems that gaming values are the question here. It's sad that someone who says a game was too easy gives it a 10. I won't do that to you ... I will be honest.

1. Music
2. Graphics
3. Plot
4. Difficulty (it's desirable for some people to not have the SKILL to beat your game - but some doesn't mean MOST)
5. Starting Area - might sound ridiculous, but you shouldn't be crammed up in a little hole when you want to get your bearings. First impressions last a game time.

Good effort, but try again.


1. tech
2. arms

i use medium laser and ppc, and then lance and large laser

water is the best cooler :P


A terriffic game. My only complaint is the lack of scenery, every level looked exactly the same. I wouldn't mind more storyline, variety, in missions, but hey, its flash. I played this straight through in a single morning(under 2 hours). The gameplay and mech store were very fun. All in all a very good taste of the old mech warrior games.

Excellent game but REALLY easy

1. gyro
2. jammer tech first
3. cooling level 2
4. large laser (equip x4 large lasers)
5. cooling level 3
6. shield
7. remaining techs
8. armor 2 +3
9. engine 2 +3
10. lance or lrm x3
11. ppc

i never really used the ppc, large lasers works just fine only tried it on the final boss.. pretty much cakewalk


yeah i used to love this game when i was a kid, still got the oldschool mechwarrior 2 aswell, this was a good game considering