Reviews for "3000 AD"

Nicely done. Top down style, not my fav

Looks great overall. Adding things to the mech is a cool feature too.

However, some things i noticed. The enemies hit way too hard, and way too fast. Dodging projectiles seemed impossible, and it's rather difficult to hit smaller targets moving faster than my mech is.

That was really the most frusterating part. But everything else looks good. Nice job.

Not bad!

I was a big Mechwarrior fan in my youth. It's nice to see it's fandom hasn't died out. Decent graphics, interesting gameplay mechanics, and an game to say the least.

If anything, I would try to fix up the textures a bit, though - I know my mech was a Timber Wolf, but I could barely make out it's shape. And the enemies seemed more like blobs than anything else. Other than that, very solid work!


that was cool, fun, and very entertaining i liked it.


very cool game, kept me on for a few hours just blowing stuff up.


i can see u worked hard, but then again it wasnt too good