Reviews for "3000 AD"

Most excellent.

Alot of fun and very well made. The weapons fire looks great as does the shield.

The biggest tanks were too easily defeated or should always be accompanied with a group of smaller tanks like in the very last level. I had all the best weapons bought before level 10 and all the upgrades around level 7 or 8 so I think they were too cheap.
Also, I never went over the weight limit as I didn't need to buy some of the cheaper heavier weapons as I had the upgrades

I really did enjoy this and it is currently my favourite flash game but making it harder by just tweaking the enemies' stats would make it perfect. 10/10 as it really does deserve it despite being easy it was still alot of fun shooting up the enemy and is replayable.

Very Nice

Definitely better than some of the top-down "Mechwarrior" games that showed up on consoles. My only complaint would be that after objectives were complete, you shouldn't make it immediately end the mission. I found myself finishing off the objectives without knowing it, the mission saying it was about to end, and my frantically trying to get some money upgrades at the last minute because I didn't realize I completed everything. Would have been better if a "Mission Complete" button would just show up in the bottom corner or something, letting the player stroll around collecting the rest of the upgrades and such then exiting the mission at their leisure. Still, very minor complaint. Overall game was awesome!

Great animation!

The animation was nice and smooth, and the voice acting was actually okay too. The writing was a bit awkward, but I'm guessing it was supposed to be like that. And whoa, the music from Bayou Billy on the NES was playing in that one scene! I'm surprised I recognized that.

man this is a good game

first off werewolfman01..fuck off u furry fag did he ever say it was a remake,seriously just cause u suck at the game doesnt mean u can be an asshole. anyway lol. i liked the gameplay i was a little easy in spots but overall fun to play and a good time waster

Excellent mech game but too easy

The game was just awesome. You have successfully brought the mech genre to 2D world. The upgrades were all great, the controls were as though you were moving a mech around, and I enjoyed looking at the weapons pretty pretty colors in motion!
A minor bug: I think the weight meter is a bit kooky. I'd try to mix and match weapons and it would vary between 15/24 tons to 115/24 tons and the latter was when I used the cheaper weapons. A bit odd.
My only negative is that the game got too easy fast. The first couple levels were a bit challenging but I was able to make it halfway without really upgrading too much (saving the money at the time) and by the end I was fully decked out but I was still expecting a challenge from the last guy and that just didn't happen. That upset me because I really liked the terrain you built for that level with those alien creatures popping up and I didn't get to experience all that until after I killed the guy and explored before I went to the menu. Not to mention I was hoping for some cool looking mech design for the end boss because it said it was custom. I was also expecting "boss-type" weapons and tech. The kind that would MAKE me run around the terrain to avoid him. He didn't even have a lock-on blocker.

Overall the game IS awesome. Not too much replay value though. Maybe, if you know how to (and/or want to), make an online version of this game. Could be cool.