Reviews for "3000 AD"

was great!

is pretty amazing
the graphics were awesome... i love the style
and the gameplay was pretty cool
i like the upgrades a lot too
it was a little bit to slow... the game, not the character, verything would be better a lot faster, the lasers, the robots, the effects

I hink it sucked....you don't have to agree

Its hard for me to give a game a bad rating unless I truly feel its just not worth it.

The ups are the sounds and graphics are very clean and visually pretty nice. The game play was very repeatative and once you've horded enough money from the first three levels you can pretty much coast.

This game is nice.

Good job. Graphics were good and it was satisfiyingly hard.

its killer X_X

it killed my guy it sux to hard but i like wasd movement i mean its like imposible to use space arrow keys and mouyse i like but none the less it gets --------------------->


spectacular graphics (for a flash), cool weapons, and nice audio makes a brilient game! the only way for it to be better is to have more weapons, tech and missions.