Reviews for "3000 AD"

oh man

1.Mad CAT
3. i play mechwarrior as real RPG
4. Game is great, maybe can be little faster, Great WORK
impressive for me

Well ..

Its great'n all, its just what pisses me off is that when you die and it says you completed the mission, you have to start over.
Ups -
1. You made me and other people happy
2. Its really fun and challenging
3. Barley any lag
4. Very detailed
Downs -
1. You cant win when you die
2. You need to put allies
3. It needs more weapons
4. The game needs to be longer-
Well, there you go. I hope you take my help as INFO.

some improvements could be...

you could make him (The bot) a little faster cuz he gets hit too many times and it also seems that it is a little blury so fix those and it will be better.


This is awesome for a flash game. It was entertaining without distraction.
But you could have made the HUD look more retro. Armor, Heat, Mouse,
Minimap etc.

If u ever make a sequel;
-Expand that alien shit, its cool
-Retro HUD (Mouse Cursor, Armor, Heat)
-Quests, Campaigns

ALOT of potential for an even better game! Looking forward to the sequel man.
Goodjob. But im givin a 8/10 baby coz it was kinda easy...

Excellent Game

Usually i get bored with these kinds of games after a short while, but i played this to the end with joy, very well done.

Only improvement id like to see is a mini map of some sort, with or without enemy locations is fine, just i found myself having to waste time walking (well, more like dawdling) around to find the edges of the map to orient myself and not get caught with my back to the wall.

other than that, everything else was great, well done