Reviews for "3000 AD"


not so good make it 1st person or something cos the controls were kinda difficult

good game

I must say this is as decent game, but as others have pointed out there are flaws..... the upgrade system is lil' off balanced...... the best weapon should be the last one on the list, example is the shoulder weapons, altho the arm mounted weapons were an ok design, keeping the one type of weapons with the others of it and keeping the best weapon to the end of the list. The gameplay is a little boring and slow after awhile..... to fix this i advise giving more upgrades/weapons, ability to buy brand new mechs, and giving a difficulty choice. I see alot of people complaining that its getting slower to them, the answer to fix thta is redice it to medium if u cant read very well for the first time you play, or just go straight to low settings, that should fix it up. Another answer to that is part on the maker, maybe you can create a auto-quality changer to help smooth out the gameplay. Well overall its a pretty good game, that i might play again in the near future, good job for not making a shit game that doesnt deserve to be on NG, and keep making more dude!

good game

Heres a tip step on the water for a cooling bonus
this will make your cooling more faster
i mean really fast


its good, but its not my type of game... i didnt realy get it that well. but i can see how it would be a good game but uhmmm not my type...

Hello, this is SolidFlam speaking!

3000 AD is a great game that I had so much fun playing - I replayed it the day after.
The presentation is excellent, it looks like a classic mech game, the menus look a bit too Flash-like but the most important part, the game, looks great.

The game wasn't too easy and not too hard, there were some levels I died on, but on the other hand the upgrading system wasn't properly balanced and after a few rounds I managed to jump right away to the second best weapons in the game, and a short while after to the best ones. Some might say it's not good, but I think it's nice to have the option. Maybe for the sake of pleasing all players, there should be a difficulty adjustment option that you earn less money.

The story was a bit lame, I didn't really bother following it, maybe because I couldn't wait playing the game itself. Though there wasn't much sophistication nor strategy, it was still fun to shoot everything around me.

Overall 3000 AD is a really good game that deserves a spot in the pantheon of Flash games, the only things I can complain about are the poor looking menus and the unbalanced upgrading system.