Reviews for "3000 AD"

Robots are cool.

It was too slow paced for me.


for starters this is a really good game. i do understand the controls are fairly difficult to use but over all i really liked the set up of the game, you know, weapons,enimes,enviornment, and also the player you play as. i hope to see more games such as these.

Very good

Haha its like MechAssualt mixed with Galaga

it's ok but...

The game is too slow, the movie is, in my opinion, rendered in a higher resolutions that it should be. The terrain was plain, i got confused sometimes thinking there was some sort of mountain i couldn't walk on, but there wasn't one.

I liked the heat thing, tho.

was good

The game overall was pretty good but it was just a lil' weird. It was going pretty slow.