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Mech warriors, rejoice! A mech game with a retro style that features fantastic power and game-play!

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awsome game

great game bomers boms are an instant kill though

So so

I liked the game, but i agree with GDominator. Many of the missions were overly easy, and by the end i had money to spare, even after buying everything in the shop. General Sarb was quite easy, once you knew how to take care of him. I just constantly missile locked and with two LRMX3 and 4 Pe gPC i easily took him out, despite the overheating. I just had to use missiles mainly, useing exhaust as a speed boost to duck around corners and away from his resturn fire. I still enjoyed the game though. One question: what was with the bombers? They didn't actualy do anything, except block view of the ground. THe little missiles they dropped were to slow, even with fully loaded weight and no engine upgrades and no turbo, i could just walk out from under them, even when they are coming to where im standing. THe bombs need to be faster if they are to be dangerous at all. How much damage would they do anyway? my most hated enemy would have to be the acid bugs, they are evil, and you can only target them when there on the ground or use your exhaust on them. EVIL!
Nive game though. : )

A question.

Why am I the only mech warrior being sent to do all these missions?

Its slow at times

The graphics were pretty intense the idea was awsome and there was lots to see from, only problem i thought that could be fixed would be the gliching once in awhile, but other then that i was pretty impressed on this, so nice job

There was some gliching that seemed to slow down the flash, something that wouldnt hurt to look into maybe its a cause of too large of a screen or even too much detail

Intense detail and neat variaty


Nice work!

Nice work on the game. Graphics are decent, weapons are plentiful and full of variety, etc.. I liked the equipment and the exhaust venting feature. I played a little like a rookie, but I have no complaints about the game, with the exception of the store. I found no strategy behind the things you purchase except to buy the store out. I would suggest maybe increasing the price of all store items so that a person can not buy out the whole store, rather they must choose carefully their purchases so they may use them in a strategy. Otherwise, you become nearly invincible.

Good game, nice design.