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Final Fantasy Tenki

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Edit 2: Holy crap! Front page! Thanks everyone!
Edit: Thanks for the daily fifth guys! Just hope I can keep up this work... Look forward to my next project (see my profile for details)

If you like Final Fantasy, then you probably liked Final Fantasy A+. And if you liked that, this may amuse you. Picture an FF game where all the magic spells are replaced by weather and the character use things like barometers and thermometers for weapons, and that's pretty much it. I really did use this for a weather chapter project in my Japanese 2 class last year. Certainly not my best work, but I hope you get a few laughs out of it. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT FFA+ II; I did NOT make FF A+.

My apologies to: Mousekliks, for parodying his amazing parody; to all Japanese speakers, for having bad accents AND lots of grammatical errors; and to my friends who have spent the last year bugging me to post this (sound problems with the swf version prevented me from submitting it, although I presented it April 2007 or thereabouts).

TO ANYONE PLANNING TO REVIEW THIS: Please note that this is NOT my best work and with regards to the sound and animation, I can do better and I know it. Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time someone said "ur animatin suks lol" I could buy a PS3 with PS2 capability and every FF game. What I want to know is if the concept and jokes were any good. You can still tell me my animation is bad, just don't dwell on it too much. You can still leave a review, I read most and respond to the constructive (good or bad).

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i like it.

Great work.

What puzzles me is...this is an RPG. After the game is won, can't you still save after the credits?


I give this flash an A. (not an A+ because nothing beats the original)

good work

Not quite what I expected, but you did a good job.
I don't know if this only goes for me, but repeating jokes from other vids just takes away the funny things from the jokes.
Did you remix the chocobo theme yourself or was it already like that?


Honestly, I had a blast watching this, and the Final Fantasy A+ related jokes made me giggle, too! You were also on a tight schedule, so I understand when you say the art wasn't your best, but it didn't matter to me. The story was fun, the art was pretty neat (I love Caelum's design!! Just like with Atticus in FFA+, Kumo is my favorite. Black Mages rule!!), and I loved the Yukimaru joke that seemed to come out of nowhere. That had me laughing so hard, I had to rewatch the movie just to see what I had missed! I enjoyed it a lot, and I think Mousekliks would be flattered to know that someone parodied his parody, great job ^___^!