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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"

Pretty good, I guess

Why save at the end? New game+!

Really good, As an FFA+ and FF Fan :D

Yay for FF! It was rly fun, I gave you a 5 and and a 10. there was 2 errors in english too. (Elemental fight: Leveld up! and another in that same sentence i cant remember now.)
Anyhow, you might've done it so it fits to the screen :P

It was a pretty nice one, I loved the memory card pun xD

Pretty good...

True, artwork wise it isn't the greatest (far from it :P) but the story was acutally a lot more engaging then you would think from the title. Sure, the beginning was EXTREMELY SLOW, but the fight with Domo-kun was just too funny, and the boss battle w/ Caelum was probably the highlight of the entire flash. So, a prety solid piece of work, really the only things that are bugging me is the artwork and some animation quirks.

Very good, but there's room from improvement

So I've just watched it, and u got +0.5 cuz it's Final Fantasy but I don't know... there are somethings I disaprove. Those are:

-The fact that's it's more a parody of a parody of a game ( meh)
-The quality of the graphics weren't exactly OMFGWTFBBQ!!
-The fact there is some movie clips instead of flash.

But at not all is bad (I hope :S lol jk), those are:
-Good preloader, it's rather smooth
-School work, means ur dedicated

To shorthen it I want to say:
You can do much better.

it's like saying pi = 3, it just doesn't make sence.

P.s.: I look foward to see a remake / another parody


Ahhhh!I hate being sensitive to things!


(i'll watch this and A+ again when I finish learning Japanese)