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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"


And yet anouther flash "artist" steals a song from OCremix, and does not credit the user in any way. ("Chocoarena" by Draggor...used during the credits)Real nice. Just because he's not Nobuo, dosen't meant he dosen't deserve credit as well. How would you like it if somebody took this flash and didn't credit you? I'm guessing you wouldn't like that.

Also, don't compare this with Final Fantasy A+ ....there is hardly a comperison between the two. You say don't comment on the graphics, and you say you can do better...well then do it. I could say that I could do better to, but it dosen't make it true. Also, there was a huge lacking of humor in this flash...

I think the biggest problem with this though, is it's slow and very drawn out. Have you ever played a Final Fantasy game, where a boss fight is over with just one new move. No, so if you speed up the battles and put more into it, it would come out much better.

I'm giving this a 6 to be fair, because it did have a purpose, and it did look like you put a lot of time into it....but I just feel it was lacking in many areas that made FFA+ a more rewarding experience for me.

Also...Domo Kun was way to obvious to be funny. I knew it was him the first moment you saw the shadow. Should have gave him a trenchcoat and a dramatic reveal.

Anyways...keep doing what you enjoy, and please in the future credit all your material.

RPGsrok responds:

Thanks for being... Mostly constructive about this. Not crediting Draggor was an honest mistake. If you were to hypothetically go to the last scene now (and wade through a minute of dialogue and animation, god forbid) you would find that his name is now credited under composers.

To tell the truth, some of your critique is irrelevant to my next project, simply because it won't be a comedy. I freely admit that 'A+' is, no comparison, amazingly better than this and anyone who says otherwise is lying. Trenchcoat? That's a good idea...

Anyways, I can never guarantee my next work will meet your expectations, but I can say right now that it will be much better than this. If you want, I can PM you when it comes out, and you can see how much better it is. Thanks for reviewing.

im sure itll get better

Good but make it a bit more lively iit sounds like those two are on crack or somethin

Good Luck with next animations!

Eh, I almost closed it halfway

Okay since you gave a heads-up regarding animation, I won't touch that. But I have to say that you managed to emulate the Matrix syndrome of the last two movies of the trilogy, you took something simple and stretched it til it almost fell apart.

The story's message was a good one, and I'm mostly referring to the end of the flash. The rest was plain boring, neither exciting nor funny, I found very little in this flash except that I was curious to how it all ended.

I will say this and people may hate me for it, but you've managed to grab the feeling of typical animes. I don't know if the japanese market is full of dumb kids but it's ironic how everything has to be explained in a slow and simple way, like the monotone explanation of how the game worked and the Grade F soap opera found in most anime's dialogues.

I congratulate you on making it to the Frontpage, something I'll never achieve, but I just didn't enjoy this flash a lot.

RPGsrok responds:

Well, I can make excuses (needed to fit grammar requirements, trying to make fun of bad animes) but overall, I admit it isn't my best work and hey, a lot of people who reviewed seemed to have not made it through halfway. I hope you take a look at some of my other work (see 'precipice') and see if that's at all better. In brief: this movie is only OK, I know, my next one will be better.

Thanks for congrats on the front page. Still, looking back, I'm not sure if this deserved it. Truthfully, I wonder if any entry with Final Fantasy in the entry that scores above a 3 is automatically front-paged. I hope my next work will really deserve the front page. Thanks for reviewing.

Can you say 'worthwhile Newgrounds Flash RPG'?

While I will have to admit, it wasn't as good as Final Fantasy A+ (Though, not too many flashes on here rank that high), it is sitll worthwhile to see again and to recommend to others.

I won't stay too long on this topic, but as you've already pointed out, your animation needs work. I cannot complain too much; You at least admit it, and appear like you're going to work on it in future projects.

Humour-wise...8/10. The jokes were silly, but they did make me chuckle. Especially the two jokes referencing towards FF A+.

And as for the concept, I think my little title says enough. The idea, if properly done, could make for a good RPG. I don't know how long it would take for animations, additional storyline, gameplay balancing and such, but just keep it in the back of your head.

Well, that's it, I guess. I hope to see more from you.

-- Kahrne Annabelle Lee

RPGsrok responds:

I'm sorry but this is NOT going to become a game. I can't program at all, and yes it would take WAY too long even if I could, and the concept may not carry such a game anyways. Still, glad you liked the movie. Thanks for reviewing!

I'm the teacher and I would still give it an A

Thanks for posting this so that I could enjoy watching it again! For those reviewers who don't know any Japanese, it's unfortunate that you were unable to really appreciate the storyline and jokes. Anyone who is familiar with the Yookoso textbook (Chapter 4), my assignment, and the difficult grammar and vocabulary requirements would have found this hilarious, refreshingly tongue-in-cheek, and impressive. While I don't grade students on their technology skills, many of the rubric points were met in the signage along the street, the subtitles, and the kanji characters on the monsters. The creativity in meeting these requirements through technology balanced the (very) few grammar mistakes. What many reviewers seem to be complaining about were specific requirements for the project (not purely for entertainment) and ultimately added points to the "demonstrating understanding of Japanese culture" component of the assignment. Thanks for giving me a credit at the end. I'm proud of your effort and the end result. Great job guys and I look forward to your next project! Upcoming themes are "food", "houses", and "travel"...Signed, Takami.