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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"


it was geat but which ofthe twelve ff games is it based on ?

I'm sorry but..

Your mainly using the jokes and such of Final Fantasy A+, its nice to see an effort but the animation could have been better obviously, some of the jokes barely made sense yet I didn't see one really good weather related jokes. Its good but it could have been better


<3 from Lovelock


this has pwned my soul...i actually started thinking about wat to so after FF13....u win sir...u win


loved eet. Was really cool, the ending ultimate storm attack was really awesome. Do more if u can an want to :D I'd definatly enjoy it as would others Id hope :)

Very nice

While its obvious that the animation could have been better, I still enjoyed this work. Excellent job, especially under the time constraints you mentioned.

I would really like to see a cleaned up version of this one day, but I'll be content with this even if that never happens.