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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"

Kind of dull

It had no personalization to it.
The characters had no soul.
I think it would of been better if it was original and your own.
Its not that you didnt add new things to this parody
but it just seemed too much like final fantasy A++.
Nice concept using the weather and I understand it was a school
project and those kind of add more to the challenge.
I dont care about graphics but you may want to try tuning up your
backgrounds but like you said this isnt your best work
and in the beginning some of the backgrounds weren't so bad it was
just the part where you see Tokyo, using real pictures looks bad with
animated things.


I thought it was great! I feel like the "cheepness" was maybe done on purpose, and I feel it made it more amusing. I wouldn't expect you to make a masterpiece on a flash parody of a flash parody (espescially if it's about weather).


Plus i saw this video when it was still being judged - i voted a 5 ^.^


in my opinion its realy cheap. okay i cant speak japense but this is a real cheap one. no emeotional just montonic speach all throgh movie. the animations cmon i saw better ones even in the lock legion final fantasy spoofs. the idea is good but make more out of it. i love japanese movies or animes. bring some more screaming or hmm i dont know the speach of the the heros in to it. more emotion you are famous for that.


Im glad you got a good grade and yes this would make a very good grade, you could redoit but its all up to you!