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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"

nice job!

great movie!

even with whole "why would you save" thing, i always wondered why that was at end of A+...


i love everything final fantasy
so i enjoyed this alot, better than the A+ one.
yay :]

poor domo.....

y did domo-kun have to be evil???? WHY??????

anyways, awsome job. id have to say that this is on equal footing with A+. good job. i hope u get the time to do a remake with ur best animation and sound.untill then, keep up the good work :)


keep up the good work


Honestly, I had a blast watching this, and the Final Fantasy A+ related jokes made me giggle, too! You were also on a tight schedule, so I understand when you say the art wasn't your best, but it didn't matter to me. The story was fun, the art was pretty neat (I love Caelum's design!! Just like with Atticus in FFA+, Kumo is my favorite. Black Mages rule!!), and I loved the Yukimaru joke that seemed to come out of nowhere. That had me laughing so hard, I had to rewatch the movie just to see what I had missed! I enjoyed it a lot, and I think Mousekliks would be flattered to know that someone parodied his parody, great job ^___^!