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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"

I liked it.

overall it was pretty decent.I didn't see(hear) any jokes in the flash but i dont really care,the domo-kun thing was pretty funny though.I mean it didnt make me laugh that much but it gave me a chuckle.Story line was the best in my opinion so I give you kudos for that.If you were to remake with better animation and sound quality you could probably make a sequel or sequels.


it wasn't terrible but it wasn't good either. I guess you have the right idea though this was just too slow paced. the animation was poor too if that was improved this probably would have done much better. As for voice acting i can't really tell i don't speak that language lol but it sounded alright. I just read your authors comments so i can see why your animation was maybe dumbed down. Well the concept WILL work in the future if you improve your animation. The jokes i didn't find funny but maybe its just not my humor. Also id stay away from putting live action clips into flash like you did in the beginning it just looks less professional and it gives bad reviewers more material to insult you with. One last thing. This idea concept has already been used by final fantasy A++ (already referenced in movie) so i don't know how much success you could get following someone elses idea. i'm not saying its bad but it would be pretty tough to do better then the original creator using his idea thats all.

RPGsrok responds:

Thank you for being constructive. The more I think about it, the more I believe the pacing may be more my fault than that of the grammar, but not having the option to rethink and redo any scenes (due to time constraint) didn't help. Thank you also for reading my comments. Even when I made this, it wasn't my best animation, and I can certainly do better animation now. I'd never really thought about live action stuff before this and seeing as you're not the first to bring this up, I think I will take your advice and not use live action stuff in future movies. I never expected to do better than FF A+, I don't think I possibly could right now. Frankly, I didn't expect it to get this much publicity and I think it is a bit overrated to be on the front page. I'm just glad some people are seeing my other work. I appreciate your review, thanks.

This sucks

I hate you forwasting my time (and bandwith)
1. Bad voice acting
2. Bad animation
3. Bad plot
4. Bad ( or no ) jokes
5. .. Yea.. BAD!

I really wanted to like this one...

But in the end, I found it kind of boring.

Im happy

Im happy that you really used the Final Fantasy 7 sounds ^^ which made me want to play FF7 once again :P ofc, it was rather good, but i wont be a judge, since i cant do better myself.

Hope you can do some Final Fantasy 7 chapters :P would be happy with it ^^

Lead09, its based on FF7, if you have played it before..