Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"

Is this Final Fantasy A++ Part II or something...

I felt like I was watching FF A++ II...but I wasn't. Same chars, same Japanese dialogue, same set up...I know this was inspired by that Flash but I think you could have stretched your creativity farther. Also, I'm not the biggest fan of real life video on Newgrounds. If I would have seen this on Youtube I would be a bit more enthusiastic.

You guys did put in a great deal of effort as I can see. I do not like to be one of those Reviewers that Vote 0 and say whatever utter negative things they say unjustly. I feel giving you a 6 is well deserved in regards to this Flash from a Newgrounders point of view.


this was totaly AWSOME!!i can not waait for more final fantisy vids!Will you
make more cool vids!?!?!?You did VERYgood!i wish i could give this a vote
of 7!

It is ok...

At first, I thought this flash would suck. But when I sat through to the end, end to be honest I enjoyed it. You can't call it a parody on Final Fantasy A+ though, the only thing it has in common are the beginning and the ending.

final fantasy a+ is a good thing to parody

in tokyo there was a building labeled final fantasy A+

..cmon ..

that was lame lol. seriously. didnt have a point. make it interesting plz. y is it even in the ff collections ..