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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"

It was decent.

Didn't find it very funny, tho the idea was good. Better luck next time.


A good story and concept, but I didn't find much of it funny...


lol i liked it lol i almost seem like it might realy be a good game if it were real but im only giving you an 8 becaus of the animation

Good but not great

I like the final fantasy background but the people in this had no fealing. It was very monotone and boring but the story was well thought out. I hope to see more.

i liked it

it twas perfectly amusing to me
but..the final boss, like, final final final, he's a weather monster too, right? so wouldn't he absorb weather attacks?....just sayin....and a friend of mine noticed that your white mage casted blizzard, isn't that a black mage type spell? :p

just teasin' ya. i'm glad you got an A