Remove Police

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The Ultra Sheriff myspace is finally up! More songs and nice photos! click the link below audio!

*UPDATE* Thanks a million for many kind words! Please do not read any political or ideological agenda into this. There is none, it`s only meant to look and sound cool.* This is a video for a song i made with my brother. It contains a robot, a spaceship, futuristic gestapo cops, lasers, explosions and dancing. Hope you like it! It`s my first flash animation, so feedback is very appreciated.

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I liked this years back and I still do. If it gets under anyone's skin I suggest they think just why.

Relevant then, relevant now. Still a great song.

lol, the president kind of looks like trump

Wow, this cool musicvideo is now over 9 years old... damn I'm getting old. I just remember it as it was just a few weeks ago that it was posted on NG.

I like this. It reminds me of Real Mccoy Run Away. So it's been a long time I've heard a song like this.