Reviews for "Remove Police"

awesome video

nice animation and very catchy song, not sure I like the message, but not sure if you are serious about it either, yeah sure their are party poopers, but chances are if you are in a car accident or something and too screw up to help you self , a police agent is more likely to be the first in the scene to help in whatever way he can.


-This is a very good music video matched to a fun song. It has plenty of different animations and artwork but isn't afraid to repeat a good animation in the same way that the song is repeating various sounds. My only complaint would be the song gets a little dull by the end, perhaps a shorter version would hold one's attention span a bit better.

-Still - the graphics are perfect (and not tiny!), the sound is good and it was quite creative. Despite being a little long, I still have to give this one a very very rare 10. Amazing quality for a first release, keep up the good work!

That was EPIC.

The animation was very nice, and the song was very excellent and catchy.

Overall, this 'movie' had an interesting concept, but a very comic way of presenting it.

:D 10/10


The animation wasn't the best though it was good. The song was great and had a nice rhythm. As for those who don't like the message than you must be forgetting the institutionalized racism in drug laws and all the gay bashing done by police in small southern towns. And really the classism of the criminal justice system. Do your research helmutlord.

Amazing work

Excellent video, and very fitting animation. I've definately become an instant fan of your work. Some of the lip synching was out, but that was barely noticable so that's hardly worth mentioning. I can relate to the messege, and I'm from a country where the police dont carry firearms(but soon will).

But I'm not here to review the messege of the animation, but the quality of it, and I say it freakin rocks!