Reviews for "Remove Police"

fucking awesome

That is one of the best things I have ever seen, on newgrounds or anywhere else. Total fucking genuius. Wish I could have given it more than a five.

funny as hell!

Man that was awesome! I was laughing the entire time. what's with that green hat that guy has on in the space ship? Aww man, that was just hilarious! keep up th good work!


The lyrics were stupid. I saw your responses to some reviews and realize you don't mean them; still wasn't my thing.

I really did enjoy the intrumentals, the awesome graphics, and the colors.

One of the best

This is definetly one of the best music videos i've seen here on Newgrounds. Come on, the animation and graphics are superb, and the music is even better. For your first flash, ande ven the help of your friend, you did an amazing job. I thought that you guys just did the animation and graphics, but then I read somewhere that you even did the music and I was stunned. You guys Rock! Continue to make more music videos, I expect to see a ton of more impressive work from you guys!


This is truly one of the better movies I've seen on newgrounds, no offense to the other movies.

I must apologise for what I did when this was under judgement, I misjudged and tried to blam it. Now I watched it fully, and turned up my speakers. Made sense of what you had created.

Then I watched it again.

And again.

First movie or not, this is still amazing.

Keep up the good work!