Reviews for "Remove Police"


I LOVE this song, as well as the video.


i love the track!!!! and the ideology, but we can all dream, right? XD sweet graphics, perfectly timed. you should get into music production, id love to hear some more tracks! (going to the NG Audio spot to look now). no less the video too, though. 10/10! :D

Removeing the Police

I was just about to try to remove the police untill i saw your warning... oh well i can still dance to the disco, right?

Pretty good.

I know i may be too late to say this but i just hope no one takes this song too seriously... (this song is merely a targetting politics of a communist rule)
lmao, i hope no one tried to actually "remove the police"
but anyways, great job on this one ^^ enjoyed it a lot

police are bad

I know that you dont intend for it to be political but i do agree that we would be better off without police chaos rules for 7 days the anarchy self governing. that was just the best video on new grounds