Reviews for "Remove Police"

Dude, no way this is your first.

Some of those effects I can't even pull off now, and I've made, like, 3 flash movies already. Unless you've had a lot of practice. How long did you spend on this?
I only took a point off because of some of the lyrics. Adults who hear this might get the wrong idea and think that this is corrupting minds.

Great Job

I went to your myspace, a few of thoes are better. Make a music video of "Destroy All Humans" and post it on here, and Ill love it.

As for this, its great! Keep the flashes and songs up!


It was a little repetetive and the song was strange, but otherwise good.

Haha that was great!

I liked the robot blasting while he was dancing the floor. It was pretty funny and long.


nice music and robote police get removed!