Reviews for "Remove Police"

i fairly enjoyed that to be honest

the song was catchy and i enjoyed it , the animation was mostly good , and the style was good
good job
thumbs up from me :)

Pretty good.

Yeah it was a nice song, although I don't entirely agree with the message. Can I get a lyrics to that so
I think that only thing that should be improved is graphics. It's just too simplistic.

awsome man good job

hey this is sweet man good work very rebel style p.s was your family in germany in ww2 and opressed by nazis?


Wonderfully done!

The song was catchy, I like it! Also, the animation was very nice, very clean, and even though there was a lot of repetition, it didn't seem to bother me. It fit well somehow. It had a very good flow...

and by the by...

I love the hypocrisy of the guy singing "Don't tell me what I should do" and then promptly telling us that what ought to be done is someone should remove the police.

great job

what song is it?
you should put that in either credits or an update
or respond to me :P
nice one for ur first entry
the song really fit the animation
weird voice and nice robot :)

UltraSheriff responds:

It`s a song I made together with my brother at home. I posted it on the audio portal.