Reviews for "Remove Police"


great work i love it :)

Scorched by awesomeness

Don't tell me what i should see
Don't tell me what i should do
Don't tell me who i should be
it was completely my own decision to give this submission a "10"
i liked the flashing screen reflecting off of the character's clothes
it really gives a realistic touch
keep the flash comin man!!


I Agree With What "CaptainReaper" said it has a nice Rammstein feel to it and the video works extreamly well with the music 5/5 10/10

I LOVE IT!!!!!

that was fantastic it has a sort of Rammstein feel about it btw if you didnt know Rammstein is a german techno band


This just like Ultra Sheriff was great too. Although the animation isn't as good as Ultra Sheriff Nemesis it was a lot better than other flashes i have seen. i liked the style of the animation too. lastly the music. I think the music probably makes this this is just my opinion though. The music went very well with what was happening and also very catchy as well. As i said in my previous review of Ultra Sheriff Nemesis I hope to see more of things like this coming soon

//_* SPpwns