Reviews for "Remove Police"


I loved it.. the song made it. I cant believe you guys made the song, whered you guys get the lyrics from anyways?.... hope another is coming to NG.

Very good and very different

This was a incredibly different styled movie and I've come to really like it. Watched it once and thought it was pretty good, but some days later watched it again and have watched it several times after. It is a great video and great song and everyone should watch it.

Simply amazing

This is the best video I've EVER seen on newgrounds. Period.


The graphics were great, very understated.


"Remove Police?" I think the style speaks for istelf here.


This one should also be obvious :P


Yes, this did actually have a bit of violence, but I'm not too much of a fan of violence.


Very, very funny. Kept me laughing throughout the whole video, as well as the 5-10 times I rewatched it.

disco tastick

lol disco robot with laser guns sweet very cool


the graphics and style were awsome. song was pretty cool too. nice work, keep it up!