Reviews for "Remove Police"


There's nothing like destroying a totalitarian police state while listening to disco.

One word...



The main vocals were a little hard to hear. However, this is a GREAT idea and I LOVE the graphics! Very well done!


Genius song, you sound like you may have heard a few good Günther songs :D

The music was recorded so well, what are you using? This entire song is great, you must have more music and the means to record it yourself (Pro Tools?) ...So let everyone know how to hear more of your music, and make more! The animation was also very well done, you have great ideas and a great skill for making awesome music. But, I'll keep my review that short for eveyone's sake. Thanks for the submission!

UltraSheriff responds:

Yuo know, I believe you`re not the first person to mention this Günther. As it is, I have never heard of him:) ...I can imagine what he sounds like though.
And yeah, we have a small home studio, nothing fancy, just a few decent mics, cubase, couple of vst plugins, a decent preamp.... just the basics really. But it does the job:)

Hey, that was pretty sweet.

At first I was wondering if you were pushing something political, then I read your statement that you weren't. So, ja, I should've read that first. ^^

I like how you kept everything fresh in the flash. Though some movements did repeat, there wasn't this overall feel of utter repetition. Nice touch. The tune was pretty nifty, and it's probably going to be stuck in my head all day.