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Invader ZIM vs the S.E.B.

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Here it is! A shooter! Not the planned one, but that file broke comepletely.

This is 11 levels or so long, and ZIM has been captured by the Swollen Eyeball network. He must escape! It's up to you to help him!

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ZIM now turns and stops on a dime! GIR is smarter (so he matches his IQ in the show), and I have sound clips from the show. On level 4/5, you unlock the doom song, witch goes great with the eerie backgound music... Yes, the update is here!

Now, there are no laser or exploding sounds because they overload it.

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the controls are WAAAAYYY too confusing, i keep dying, i keep wanting to use my mouse to AIM and shoot, but instead all i can do is shoot, i have to rotate and stuff to be able to shoot where i want, the design is nice but the music gets annoying after a while


you've got the styling right, no doubt.

The game however is a different story. The sprites are so small. Most enemies are on pedestals which you can only shoot through one side of (?). The control is awful and confusing; it all the mouse does is click to shoot, why do we need to use it? It makes you want to use it to aim with but that doesn't work.

Not a bad effort but sort the controls out mate.

ok this was interesting

this gae is somewhat comfusing especialy because zim made it but needs some upgrades good game though

Just to spite Urpie

I was going to give this a 4, but I'll award you a star just because Urpie had to say something stupid.

This game is a nice idea (especially in the detail of the idea), but it fell flat on its non-earthling face.


the controles were confusing the graphics were bad and it just wasent fun