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Reviews for "Invader ZIM vs the S.E.B."


It has no sounds, you can't hear the sound of the lasers, shots, the enemies exploding

The Alien slides a lot, there should be a better movility

The music is being replayed over and over again, a track of 2 seconds...

The selection screen is VERY ugly, I don't like the colors... and some other things

IZSBHR responds:

OK, I'll make more sounds.

ZIM slides because I made it otherwise, and it was impossible to play. If you think the controls are bad, here's some advice:

Learn better control, it takes pactice.
Use defensive cover
Pay me 30 bucks.
Alright, jokes aside, 1&2 are correct... XD


You should try to make the enemy's move around. It would have been cool if there was a two player mode or some bots, where there on your team and he could create them from the enemy's he destroyed but I thought the game was fun. 3/5

IZSBHR responds:

Bots... 2 player... I could do 2 player! Sure! May take awhile...

Controls need some work in my opinion...

The way the controls are in this game don't really work with how small the levels are. I liked this game, but the controls drove me NUTS. Nice idea though.

IZSBHR responds:

I will fix the controls.

it was ok...

I didnt like the fact that zim slides around alot or the constant looping of the music. Also it would look nicer if the menu buttons were centered.

IZSBHR responds:

I'll take that into consideration...

hard game and hard to move

this is a good game but make sure i dont move fast

IZSBHR responds:

OK, I'll do that... it's set on 13, so Ill set it to 5 and see how it is...