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Reviews for "Invader ZIM vs the S.E.B."

good game

i will kill all how give thes game a 5- >:(

Quite bad

The graphics were ok but could've been better.
The music was just an anoying and very short loop.
The controls were truly horrible, why not make zim turn following the mouse???

When you get in the upper part of the screen in the first level, Zim gets jammed in the wall and you can't get out.

And finally, some canons were between four walls, couldn't shoot you or get shoot, what's up with that???

So yeah, as an Invader Zim fan, I think this game is really bad. Try harder next time.

Cool but

Nice Game But I Can't Get Past Level 2,Any Hints or Anything?

first of all...

Um...this game wasn't really fun and the graphics could have been much improved.
U probably have a great idea, but its not getting portrayed. Also, i dont even get how u play. Its confusing O_O


i got though it on the first try