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Reviews for "Invader ZIM vs the S.E.B."

good, but..

it's fun, and looks like there might be a lot of levels, but I couldn't get far because it's hard to avoid enemy bullets. what it needs is buttons to move side-to-side, rather than having to turn (which is slow)
also could have used more sounds, and not so repetitive music.

IZSBHR responds:

If you get far enough, GIR sngs the doom song ^^;
Yeah, the controls suck. I'm working on them.


Fun game. Good job. The controls could be worked on a bit.

IZSBHR responds:



nice game hard controls i still submited it to action games tho :)

IZSBHR responds:

Thanks :)


The controls were kinda hard and made it difficult to hit an enemy without getting shot a few times,although I DO enjoy shootin' things with lazers.Overall,I think it's a pretty good game that needs some work on the controls.

IZSBHR responds:


=D good!

snakeskull ur an idiot,this game rocked! if u didnt liked it FUCK OFF!

things to improve:

-make the mouse aim


-new weapons( bombs ,rockets ,lasermachinegun etc)

-level editor!


overall:this game was very cool i loved it make more!

IZSBHR responds:

I'll try...