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Reviews for "Invader ZIM vs the S.E.B."


Controls need some work its like he's on rollerblades or something other then that its pretty good. I love Invader Zim!!
~Ebie36 :]

IZSBHR responds:

Yeah, he goes waaaaaay to fast... gotta fix that. Anybody make it to the 11th level yet? GIR's there ^^!

needs work

it is a ok game but it would be better if the controls and enmeys are cooler like the buttons are way to sensitive. u do have the music down it is cool

IZSBHR responds:

Controls. Yeah. I gotta fix that.

YAY! Invader zim! OWNAGE!

It is invader zim.... i must give good score.... must obey zim..... "I AM ZZIIIMMM!"
(look at my user picture thing, lol)

IZSBHR responds:

Thank you! Invader ZIM is the best dang show ever! This lil' game will be an homage to it, and will hopefully stay up.