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Reviews for "Invader ZIM vs the S.E.B."

mo offence but...

people actually like this game???! this game is one of the worst games i think i have evr played. this is in no way entertaining and if this is what invader zim is really about , well then i personally am sad for the poor poor people invented it.

IZSBHR responds:

Yeah, thanks for telling me how it sucked.

K, I made a better ZIM game, but some local parent groups are trying to stop it from getting out. Meh.


I LOVE IT!!!! Its hard to find a GOOD zim game!!! MAKE MORE!!!!

Oh and add more charcters!!!!!! like Character selection!!!! and bounus levels and.... yeah you get the point....

IZSBHR responds:

That'd be hard ^^;


to hard and also dont make fun of me

IZSBHR responds:

Thanks :)

Pretty good

Not bad for an old-school overhead shooter game. Could use a health bar though, and maybe be able to turn a little faster. Overall it's a pretty good game though.

IZSBHR responds:

K, I'll work on that :)

needs work

too easy
needs better backgrounds
needs health bar
turrets need to be walls
you can walk through walls
you shouldn't warp to the opposite side of the screen
you need to turn quicker and stop handling like a car

IZSBHR responds:

Wait... you could walk through walls O.o