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Reviews for "Invader ZIM vs the S.E.B."

pretty good game but kinda hard

good idea for a game. the graphics were kinda good. the music was good and went well with the game (better then your soundboard).

gameplay was hard andto many enemys, mabye it would be better if it was more of a platform game

graphics- good but not much detail

style- basic arcade style game

sound- good went with game

violence- shooting things with lazers

interactivty- yea

humor- no

IZSBHR responds:

I'll add some humor in...

It was a bit boring

I love invader zim, one of my fav shows and when i saw a game based on it i was exicted. My hopes were crushed when i realised that all i could do was drive and shoot things,The controls were hard 2 get at first. I think invader zim deserves a bit more then a laser don't you?

IZSBHR responds:

ZIM doesn't really have much... his mission is a lie, you know... poor guy...

this is nothing like zim at all

i love invader zim its like the best cartoon ever. but this game doesnt do justice to the series the mucis is annoying gir is stupid well more stupid then he normally is. i saw no piggies at all. hes a alien invader give him some better weapons then a simple laser gun.

IZSBHR responds:

There is a pig in the final level. I'll add more if you want. PM me if you want more pigs!

Not up to Zim

First off, for something Zim related, it lacked a certain amount of Doom, Piggies, and Tacos. Without those three things, it's really no longer Invader Zim. It becomes more of a generic alien thing.
Secondly, the controls were unwieldly. Moving and posistioning Zim was annoying. Needing to use the mouse to fire, while needing the keyboard to move didn't help matters. Setting the fire button to spacebar would have been much better and easier to control.
Thirdly, the sound. An 11 second audio clip, set on repeat gets highly annoying. Maybe adding sound effects might help, or making different levels have different sounds.
It's cool that you're trying to pay tribute to one of the greatest cartoons ever created, but it's just not Zim.

IZSBHR responds:

Yes, it mentions DOOM! in it. There's a random pig in the last level, too.

its not bad...but not too great either

its a pretty fun-but basic game. But theres no sound which really isnt a good thing. Plus the ship moves waaaaaaaay to fast. I think you should remake this and fix some gameplay problems, add some music, and add levels-everyone would really like it that way.

IZSBHR responds:

I fixed that stuff up...