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Reviews for "Invader ZIM vs the S.E.B."

Not a bad game, I like it!

First of off, the preloader in this flash was very creative and pretty cool. I also like what it said, "Zimgrounds, Every Zim By Every Zim". This game is really easy to play. The repeated sound loops are cool how they sound but they do get kind of annoying. Also, there should be levels and a difficultly setting. The movements of Zim was slick and steady, no glitches in this game. This game could be better with more weapons and other stuff. Overall, this game was fun and I enjoyed playing it. Good Work! Responses are gladly appreciated. :)


IZSBHR responds:

Thanks, man. There are a total of 11 levels. Those black sqaures lead to the next level. Hope that helps!

Not exactly the best I've seen

To be brutally honest, I thought the game was thouroughly subpar. The controls were flawed. If clicking shoots, but moving the mouse doesn't aim, you can get screwed up. The plot was thinner than Kate Moss. That said, there is at least some potential. If you fixed the coding added a nice soundtrack, improved the graphics, etc. It would be nice.

IZSBHR responds:

Does there need to be a plot?

Oh, well. Controls are flawed a bit, you're right, but Im gonna try and fix that. I thought the graphics were pretty good for a top down shooter...


it did pass! with an alright score

good job

IZSBHR responds:



Bout time some Zim stuf started coming to newgrounds good job it was pretty fun.

IZSBHR responds:

Yes, I know. I plan to do alot of ZIM stuff here.

Nice Game

My only real problem with it is that the controls are very sensitive when it comes to moving around, but I really wont hold that against you, overall I enjoyed playing it =)

IZSBHR responds:

I know all about the control problem. I'm trying to fix it.