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Reviews for "Invader ZIM vs the S.E.B."

Nice Game

My only real problem with it is that the controls are very sensitive when it comes to moving around, but I really wont hold that against you, overall I enjoyed playing it =)

IZSBHR responds:

I know all about the control problem. I'm trying to fix it.

=D good!

snakeskull ur an idiot,this game rocked! if u didnt liked it FUCK OFF!

things to improve:

-make the mouse aim


-new weapons( bombs ,rockets ,lasermachinegun etc)

-level editor!


overall:this game was very cool i loved it make more!

IZSBHR responds:

I'll try...

Oy vay!

this was a great concept for a flash game, and it turned out really good under your abilities. a few suggestions/glitch reports for the next update or next game:

-music (already mentioned by others, still liked it though. doom song was funny, hehe)

-control. you said you're working on them, thats great! try having the keyboard buttons control position, while mouse controls aim and fires the weapon. very smooth. the speed he moves is very nice right now, maybe stop a bit faster, although you did mention you tried that that in your comments.

-perhaps using gir as a weapon :P you point, hold space and click and he says something then runs forward screaming and explodes, and says something like "i'm ok!". think of it as a 'grenade" of sorts. he didn't really seem to have a purpose in the game as is. he kinda fired in one useless direction, and with non-moving enemies, he wasn't gonna hit anyone anytime soon (although that does seem to be his style, ill give you that)

-an upgradeable weapon would be nice (can be just different colored lasers, or a shotgun spread of sorts, you don't have to go all out)

-a different enemy. the game only needs like 2 or 3.

-like another poster said, you can go through walls in the game. its not very hard, you just have to be squeezed between two walls. you then slide very slowly through them. its not a big deal, but you sometimes if happens even if you aren't squeezed. happened to me a couple times, but i couldn't manually reproduce it... the only problem with the slidey-walley-glitch is you can get shot some by robots as you go through, making later tightly-spaced levels more difficult.

-as mentioned a million times, health bar. no need to elaborate.

i haven't played all the way through it yet, but i didnt see dib. this is his dungeon after all. final boss battle much? of course you might already have him in it, which makes my point moot. maybe at the start of certain levels, he can threaten you over a loudspeaker or something...

on a side note, i saw your comment to another poster "hmmm, multiplayer sounds good"you may think about using him as the second character if you do it. oh, and if you do multiplayer, make it online (you cant have two mice on one computer, unfortunately :/ it would be awesome if you could). I'm not sure of the ability to do that in flash, however.

I really loved this game, it uses Zim as a character, which other flash games that have him in it do not, and he's packing a punch. You're definitely going on my favorite artists page, i like your creativity and I'm looking forward to your next submission or next update :) thanks for the fun game!

IZSBHR responds:

That's a pretty damn good idea you have there. Grenade GIR... Hey, I've submitted 10 things since this, have a look, and thanks for everything :)


Dude this is a pretty hard game. Controlls take a little time to get use to but after you know them you manover pretty well. The only problem would be lag in areas piled with enimes. Also nice Z IM Gaz hentai after you kill all the enimies on the last level. Lets just say I took a screen shot of that.

IZSBHR responds:

I thought I made it so you had to kill every enemy in the game =0

nice but...

the restart doesn't seem to work

IZSBHR responds:

It doesn't :(