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Aerochaos is a single-player sidescrolling shooter, complete with power-ups, 'bombs', 3 stages, and bosses.
Controls are pretty straight-forward and are listed in the first screen. There's a "Boss Mode" you can learn how to access by beating the game first. Pushover difficulty was devised for anyone who's had enough with losing too much, where you can pretty much 'bomb' your way thru all the levels..

It's a mediocre game at best since I was using very lazy effort on this. There's no story to it, poor weapons, bad graphics, and cheesy enemies and bosses. I have another shooter I could work on that looks and plays a lot better, but have not done much work on it. This one was easy to finish, so I thought I'd just wrap it up and let some of you have some leisure fun.

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The funny thing is that I didn't care much for this game, but I found myself playing it. You probably could have made it better by putting in more detail. It seems like it's just the same enemies being shot over and over. Of course, it still isn't terrible. The best thing about it is probably how you have so many cool upgrades. Yeah, it's still a tad annoying with how they all go away with one death, but still fun.

I thought the music was nice and fit the mood pretty well. Everything is in fact pretty easy to understand, I guess. The background's alright too. I appreciate you having some fairly good graphics. It's okay, I suppose.

wow...just wow...

really?1 hp?are you an idiot?dude...the second and third boss are way to hard...i only got past them by spamming specs.
and why the fuck do you get killed in 1 shot?and whats with the big shots?if you have 1 hp there dosent need to be big shots,stupid.
next time,give a firggen helath bar ffs.


not bad...


Good idea, but poor game!


cool great sound