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Reviews for "AeroChaos"

it was ok

the genre is very exploded, your plane dies in 1 shot, and the sound and gameplay are boring. i know it's hard to do a game, and even more a good one, you're a very good animator, so do more good games like the one you did about megaman zero!!!

too simple

its a simple crowded game that u die in 1 shot. u need a life system for this game. like 3 shots and u die, and u can recharge ur health. theres a lot that could make this game better.

So many things I just gave up

There is practicly no room to move around and you die after 1 hit, it just got boring, plus the sounds got annoying. I'd rather play something else.


its a good game, but its a kinda a clone of heavyweapon. never the less its a solid addicting game :P
except, its WAY to easy. is there gonna be a part 2?

bad bad graphics

the graphics were crap. but i i liked how u get better weapons as uprogress through the game. overall it was ok