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Reviews for "AeroChaos"


Great Game But......If your making another one i think it should have like a health bar and more enemies, and one more thing could you make the game a bit longer? I really liked that you could pick up the upgrades. So keep on Trukin' Mother Trucker(woah that was random =D )

Haha decent time waster

Wasnt the greatest thing in the world, but if you got some time to kill, its a pretty good game. Its hard lol. I did it on medium and I failed twice


i get it but the power ups and graphics sucked, the planes where static how'd this get on the front page


The one with the wings pointing forward is the Russian Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut, wrongly dubbed Su-37, which is a different russion plane (the 'Terminator'). It's nearly impossible

wtf is the point, shooter writing guys

Do you even think before you implement the same old 'lose all your weapons on death' absurdity? So, I've reached a point in the game which is so hard that I died. And now you take away all my weapons and make me do it again. No, it is not fun. No, it does not make the game more challenging, it makes it merely annoying. You penalized me, I lost a life - making me lose the remaining ones in quick succession is plain dull.

Almost every single shooter out there fails in exactly the same way.. It's almost as if all shmup writers got together and decided to play a massive practical joke on all players out there..

Anyway, fun game, if you can overlook that huge downside...