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Reviews for "AeroChaos"

Power Up!

I loved all the powerups. There were alot of different enemies which is great to kill the monotany of these types of games. I would like to see the characher plane move a little, it is too static. Perhaps some wing tilting and a couple of special arial moves.

it sucked

yea it was pretty gay

below average

i know games on here are fun for 3min's but i got bored after about 40sec's.

not boring.

that was an interesting game, you should have let each upgrade reach its full power.

voted 4

It was a very nice plain shooting game. I personally like useing the nouse to shoot things so this was fun. The powerups really helped to make the game not repetitive and stuff. And the different kinds of plains were a cool add on.

Well there should have been a hidemouse action because it was covering up my ship. Also there was a cheat where you could hold the mouse then bring it out of the screen let go and bring it back in and it will give you machine gun abilities.