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Reviews for "AeroChaos"

just awesome

you did a good job on this. very nice game.

Very Fun

Fun game. It was very addicting. I liked all the powerups and upgrades you could get. Good job man!


Great Game But......If your making another one i think it should have like a health bar and more enemies, and one more thing could you make the game a bit longer? I really liked that you could pick up the upgrades. So keep on Trukin' Mother Trucker(woah that was random =D )

awsome man!

great game! fun to play, bosses were fun, game play was fun, it's fun! but to short, make another one :P

woah i beat this game! by the mode that is over the easy! woah man the game is too hard even the 2nd one was hard! it was a good start for making your shooting games why not in creasing the hp of the ship>>??????? one hit and you lose a life! it is unfair ! but good music rating: music:2 stars power ups:1 star bosses : -0.5 star ship lookin g and movement:1 star difculty more than easy normal hard :1 star totatl: 4.5 stars