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Reviews for "AeroChaos"


Gameplay [6.0]: Decent. I just can't get enough of games with upgrades. The enemies are quite annoying, but the bosses are actually challenging (that's good).

Graphics [5.0]: Could be better. Background was of average quality, but somehow enjoyable.

Audio [3.5]: Mediocre. The menu song was actually enjoyable, however the trance song was very boring and repetitive. The boss song is good, though. The sound effects were pretty decent too.

Longevity [5.0]: Relatively short. Still, it's a pretty good idea for killing 10 minutes of your time.

Innovation [7.0]: The concept is very good, however misrepresented.

OVERALL [5.3]: A decent game with potential, but lacking in several ways. In other words, please improve it.

too hard

the game play is fun but IT IS TOO DAM HARD TO PLAY!!!!! next time make it eazer

good game, a bit hard

Love thge gameplay, the mouse setup works, make a second one?

awsome man!

great game! fun to play, bosses were fun, game play was fun, it's fun! but to short, make another one :P


buen juego el mas adictivo q he jugado
espero que salga una secuela